Are you ready for a visual feast?


Vega Hernando is a textile designer who plays with her food to create the most stunning patterns and then showcases them on Instagram. What I really enjoy is that they’re not just random ingredients; each photo is captioned with the title of the actual meal. So if you’re looking for visual and culinary inspiration, this is the perfect place for you.

These aren’t your average throw-some-items-together-and-take-a-flatlay photos; they’re made with careful consideration and an eye for detail. To be honest, I would frame some of these or even have a cute dress made if some of these prints were transferred onto fabric. The combination of colours and patterns are just gorgeous.

You can see all of them if you follow Eating Patterns on Instagram, or check out the process of creation on Vega’s personal Instagram account. 


Feel Frida send some emojis!

We all know how hugely popular Kimojis have been because there are times when nothing else but a Kim crying face can truly express how we feel. But if Kimojis weren’t enough, there are now Fridamojis! Yup, Frida Kahlo emojis!


via Artsy

What started as an Instagram project by graphic designer Sam Cantor has now led to the release of the Frida Moji app, which lets you choose from a selection of 160 emojis. What I absolutely love is that Frida has NOT been reduced to just a flower crown wearing woman with a monobrow. Through the use of emojis, some of her most amazing and possibly lesser known works are being celebrated.


via Artsy

Speaking to Artsy, Beatriz Alvarado of the Frida Kahlo Corporation says that she and Sam Cantor “both wanted to channel her voice into everyday life—and, in particular, to connect millennials and centennials to her work.” Using new technologies such as social media and emojis is the perfect way to bring her work to a completely different audience.

I mean just look at these! Who needs regular emojis when Frida is just so expressive?


via museum_ito on Instagram

Unfortunately, the app is only available to iPhone users at the moment.

5 Instagram accounts to follow if you love leaves

2016-04-09-05-23-45-1To say that I have a love affair with leaves and want to constantly be surrounded by them may sound like an absurd statement, but let me clarify.

In fashion and in decor, regardless of whether you think it’s kitsch or not, florals are always around. Be it in a floral dress paired with a leather jacket, a wall featuring floral wallpaper or even some scatter cushions, you can’t deny that flowers dominate. While I think flowers are beautiful, I think leaves on their own are wholly underrated and deserve to shine.

I’ve committed to investing in foliage for my house which will last longer and look stunning on my shelves as opposed to bouquets of flowers that hang limp after a few days.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

New plants for my temporary home

Unfortunately, my house is tiny and I can’t fill it with giant elephant leaves so I have to settle for eyeing other peoples’ spectacular home jungles on Instagram. Here are a few of my favourite accounts to follow:


The Jungalow obviously gets first mention as it is the most fantastic collection of plant photography. From simple to eclectic, it never fails to inspire me!



Lisa Muñoz is an interior plant designer (can you imagine a more glorious job?) and documents the beauty that she creates through plants.



While Kara Riley does feature a lot of flowers as well, her Instagram account is well worth following for the gorgeous leaves peppered throughout.



Like The Jungalow, Urban Jungle Bloggers document mini jungles within peoples’ homes. It’s amazing to see how an abundance of plants can look so natural in even the tiniest spaces.



We can’t all have green thumbs, so for those who are prone to killing your plants within days, perhaps being inspired by succulents may be better. Leaf and Clay also have great ideas for how to display these beauties.


Flatlays for newspapers

Recently I’ve been working with a team of student journalists on a mission to bring a breath of fresh air to our local weekly newspaper. In between the usual news articles, we’ve been creating themed pull-out supplements. In our DIY edition, one of our writers looked at DIY healthcare using what you already have in your cupboard. Usually I just post flatlays on Instagram but this time I got to use it in the design of the article. This was just a start but here’s hoping I get to do a lot more of these!


DIY: chalk paint & a table that only cost R33!

Early this year, I moved into a tiny unfurnished flat that was far from beautiful. The only places I could afford to shop from were local auctions as well as Facebook groups for second-hand furniture, and even then I had to settle for the absolute cheapest items. While I’m sure in bigger cities you may be able to pick up some real gems from second-hand furniture stores, this was Grahamstown and there was not much to choose from that stayed within my budget.

To keep my new flat from looking like a complete nightmare, I had to get a bit crafty. The easiest way to do this was to paint as much of my own furniture as possible. Most old furniture can be revived with a coat of white paint, but I decided to be slightly adventurous and play around with colourful chalk paint. IMG_3852

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Fantastic Festival Finds – Day 1

If I wasn’t living off a meagre student budget, I would have already splurged on a Charmaine Haines vase. The Eastern Cape artist makes strange yet stunning ceramic art which I have been coveting for a while.

In the meantime, however, I stumbled upon these delights from Meshack’s Ceramics & Trading.


The local ceramic work features bold colours, exquisite detail and a very accessible price tag (I paid R35 for a bowl – whaaaaat!) You can see more of their wares below, and find them at the Village Green during this year’s National Arts Festival. Continue reading

4 design sites you should be following on Instagram

I have a thesis to finish, so naturally that means I’ve spent loads of time procrastinating with some of my favourite design magazines and sites. I’d like to think a constant dose of creativity is what keeps me sane when academia gets too much. If you are also in need of a healthy distraction, here are a few of my go-to sites for home and design inspiration, as well as their Instagram accounts if endless beautiful photos are your thing.

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Incredible art from the Smithsonian to you!


Blue and Silver: Chopping Channel – James McNeill Whistler

The Smithsonian has digitised over 40 000  works of Asian and American art from the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and put them up here. So if like me you can’t travel and see them for yourself, you can now search for prints, paintings, ceramics, jewellery and more. Better yet, everything is free and downloadable, provided it isn’t for commercial use. Continue reading