MRP will be the death of Millenial Pink

Disclaimer: This is not an in-depth creative critique.
I’m just here to rant.

How do you tell if something has reached peak trendy/hip/mainstream/whatever-the-teens-are-calling-it?

Well my way of knowing is when Mr Price does it to death. I mean, we’ve seen it with flamingos, pineapples (I really felt sorry for my friend Niamh who truly loved pineapples before they were cool), watermelons, delicious monster leaves and now, Millenial Pink.

If you’re asking wtf Millenial Pink is, here you go. Everyone is talking about it/sharing deep articles about it on Facebook/trying to integrate it into their aesthetic (I can’t help but say that last part sarcastically in my head).

There are some fantastic articles which track its rise to popularity, and what makes it so great. A summary: it shed its feminine Barbie connotations, it’s now more associated with androgynous fashion and gender fluidity, it’s ironic, nostalgic, calming and it looks damn good on Instagram (the only place that matters).

I’m more interested in when things stop being trendy. At which point do we start going “oh please no, not that again, make it go away”? While The Cut make a good argument for why the colour refuses to go away, I firmly believe if there’s one place that can possibly overdo it, its Mr Price.

Don’t get me wrong, I love MRP because they’re ridiculously affordable. But when their usual laundry bins (ya know those dark brown wicker ones that all students have?) get replaced with these, that’s when you know.


If you too want to jump on that Millenial Pink bandwagon (go on, you know you do) here’s just some of the many things you can currently get from Mr Price. I’m not sure how I feel about a “statement backpack” when the statement you’re making is an Instagram caption cliche (Wanderlust), or a pink Compton beanie, or a “GRL PWR” shirt that’s afraid of vowels.

I’m also not entirely sure why in 2017 there are places still selling bermuda shorts, peplum anything and those high-low dresses. Those are trends we want to stay dead.

However, I do love that pink teacup and I definitely NEED a pink glittery bow in my life.

Heck, what do you know, I actually don’t mind Mr Price going overboard with this after all.




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