Feel Frida send some emojis!

We all know how hugely popular Kimojis have been because there are times when nothing else but a Kim crying face can truly express how we feel. But if Kimojis weren’t enough, there are now Fridamojis! Yup, Frida Kahlo emojis!


via Artsy

What started as an Instagram project by graphic designer Sam Cantor has now led to the release of the Frida Moji app, which lets you choose from a selection of 160 emojis. What I absolutely love is that Frida has NOT been reduced to just a flower crown wearing woman with a monobrow. Through the use of emojis, some of her most amazing and possibly lesser known works are being celebrated.


via Artsy

Speaking to Artsy, Beatriz Alvarado of the Frida Kahlo Corporation says that she and Sam Cantor “both wanted to channel her voice into everyday life—and, in particular, to connect millennials and centennials to her work.” Using new technologies such as social media and emojis is the perfect way to bring her work to a completely different audience.

I mean just look at these! Who needs regular emojis when Frida is just so expressive?


via museum_ito on Instagram

Unfortunately, the app is only available to iPhone users at the moment.


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