When work involves food…

This week, Makana Sharp! published our food edition which I had a lot of fun designing and taking photos for. I also got to eat most of what I photographed, so that was an added treat!

While designing for a newspaper supplement is a lot more enjoyable than a standard newspaper format, I do feel restricted in that it still has to look like a newspaper and have multiple articles on one page. I would much rather be working on a magazine where you can dedicate more space to visual content, as well as leave more breathing space around the articles.



5 Instagram accounts to follow if you love leaves

2016-04-09-05-23-45-1To say that I have a love affair with leaves and want to constantly be surrounded by them may sound like an absurd statement, but let me clarify.

In fashion and in decor, regardless of whether you think it’s kitsch or not, florals are always around. Be it in a floral dress paired with a leather jacket, a wall featuring floral wallpaper or even some scatter cushions, you can’t deny that flowers dominate. While I think flowers are beautiful, I think leaves on their own are wholly underrated and deserve to shine.

I’ve committed to investing in foliage for my house which will last longer and look stunning on my shelves as opposed to bouquets of flowers that hang limp after a few days.

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New plants for my temporary home

Unfortunately, my house is tiny and I can’t fill it with giant elephant leaves so I have to settle for eyeing other peoples’ spectacular home jungles on Instagram. Here are a few of my favourite accounts to follow:


The Jungalow obviously gets first mention as it is the most fantastic collection of plant photography. From simple to eclectic, it never fails to inspire me!



Lisa Muñoz is an interior plant designer (can you imagine a more glorious job?) and documents the beauty that she creates through plants.



While Kara Riley does feature a lot of flowers as well, her Instagram account is well worth following for the gorgeous leaves peppered throughout.



Like The Jungalow, Urban Jungle Bloggers document mini jungles within peoples’ homes. It’s amazing to see how an abundance of plants can look so natural in even the tiniest spaces.



We can’t all have green thumbs, so for those who are prone to killing your plants within days, perhaps being inspired by succulents may be better. Leaf and Clay also have great ideas for how to display these beauties.