Champion MEN deserve champion beer?

I recently ranted about the perceptions of women who drink beer, and in particular the gendered associations with specific beers. I was going to blog about it but here it is in my local paper.

I dedicate this one to all the men who order “girly” drinks for women because 1. you’re clearly incapable of buying yourself a drink and 2. the drink you need is definitely a pink Brutal Fruit *insert sarcastic eye roll*



Food review: The Friendly Stranger

It’s not a secret that I am not entirely fond of Port Elizabeth. But last week, when we ventured out to watch Suicide Squad, I stumbled upon The Friendly Stranger, a quirky little restaurant that has been making the rest of the city a little less kak since opening in 2012. You may not know of it if, like me, you’re a Grahamstown resident who only heads to the windy city for the things our small town does not have (a cinema, Woolworths Food, McDonalds and Nandos).

We stopped for coffee/beers which soon turned into brunch. We felt right at home because of the relaxed venue as well as the friendly attitude from the staff. While waiting for the food we had the chance to soak up the sun on the deck, watch puppies playing at a nearby stream and view the quirky art on the walls from local creatives.

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DIY: chalk paint & a table that only cost R33!

Early this year, I moved into a tiny unfurnished flat that was far from beautiful. The only places I could afford to shop from were local auctions as well as Facebook groups for second-hand furniture, and even then I had to settle for the absolute cheapest items. While I’m sure in bigger cities you may be able to pick up some real gems from second-hand furniture stores, this was Grahamstown and there was not much to choose from that stayed within my budget.

To keep my new flat from looking like a complete nightmare, I had to get a bit crafty. The easiest way to do this was to paint as much of my own furniture as possible. Most old furniture can be revived with a coat of white paint, but I decided to be slightly adventurous and play around with colourful chalk paint. IMG_3852

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