Prompted to Poetry

Ever fancied being a poet?

I’m sure at some stage of my English major I thought about it. The only thing stopping me was that I can’t write poetry for shit. Also, when I think poetry my brain heads straight to long stuffy ramblings by dead poets (this is slightly blasphemous for an English Literature student, I know).

What really helps though, if you are interested in poetry, is doing short daily writings based on prompts. In my Journalism and Media Studies class, we have a group on Facebook where we take turns to post prompts, which other members then respond to in any way they like. I’ve found that sometimes the most detailed prompts, rather than being restricting, have allowed me to write about things I had not explored before.

If you’re also interested in being prompted to poetry, Wordpress is offering its members a free intro to poetry course. It’s a 10 day course, so not too heavy commitment, with prompts and ideas every day. I’ve just signed up for it and I’m keen to see where it leads.

Have a look at some of the shorter things I’ve written for my writing class prompts. They’re not much good (actually some are spectacularly bad) but they’re a lot better than nothing at all.

Prompt #8: write a Fibonacci poem on “If I tell you the truth”.
A Fibonacci has the following form: A one syllable word on the first line, a one syllable word on the second line, two syllables on the third line, three syllables on the fourth line, five syllables on the fifth line, eight syllables on the sixth line and if you’re feeling the brave (or loving the feeling), try 13 syllables on the seventh line.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Prompt: Small human landscapesProcessed with VSCO

Prompt #6: Write a monostitch on the prompt “something sacred”.
A monostitch is a one-line poem of between 8 and 14 syllables.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


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