The Bakery – Grahamstown


The Bakery has only been open for 3 weeks, but it’s already my new favourite place in Grahamstown. There’s yummy baked goods (yes please carbs!) and really beautiful things for your home.

The newest establishment in our small town is run by Mark Crandon, who also owns another successful bakery in Kenton. The Bakery is situated at the corner of High Street and Somerset Street, next to Hand Made Coffees (bonus – you can get Sisa’s amazing coffee while you’re there).


In addition to freshly baked goodies, you can also treat yourself to quiches, sandwiches, pies and drinks with an exciting and fresh combination of flavours. Think roast butternut and rosemary quiche with an earl grey infused ginger beer to quench your thirst. Or how about a bobotie pie for a modern twist on a South African traditional recipe?

All of this is carefully prepared by Mark, who starts baking in the early hours of the morning and still manages to serve you with a smile. On my first visit he kindly showed me around the shop, pointing out some of the unique food products on offer. In addition to what Mark makes, The Bakery also stocks food and homeware products from local crafters and foodies. The focus is on local, handmade products made in small batches with no preservatives. There’s a variety of artisan bread, fiery ginger beer from Featherstone Brewery, as well as rooibos or Earl Grey infused ginger beer, which Mark makes himself. The food is a fresh alternative to what you find in big supermarkets – have a look at the selection of mustard below!

IMG_2278 2

IMG_2289As a student, I appreciated the prices of the food which were well within my budget. I paid less than R50 for a spinach, feta and sundried tomato pie, as well as a Juice Box pomegranate juice and a hertzoggie as a treat. The hertzoggies were renamed “Malema cookies” (you’ll have to ask Mark to tell you that story).

The location of The Bakery is well suited to students as well as families with children. Situated near Rhodes, with a lovely garden and enough trees to provide shade, you can easily pop in between lectures with a group of friends and have a picnic outside, or take along a book and enjoy the surroundings.

If you’re also a major bargain hunter like me, take note. The Bakery also sells homeware made by local artists, some of which are also being stocked in Woolworths and Poetry, for a fraction of the retail price. You can get something beautiful for your home or res room, while making sure the original artist gets a larger portion of the sales.



At The Bakery, everything is mostly made by local individuals or companies, resulting in better quality and a more personal feel. I would definitely suggest you pop in if you haven’t already, and that you keep supporting our local businesses.






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