An ALT.ernative to Coachella festival fashion

At a time when fashion is being dominated by what celebrities are wearing at Coachella, it’s good to remember that not everything you wear has to follow the latest festival trends. Right now, it seems as if everything is fringed and suede with 90s style chokers and a little cultural appropriation thrown in for good measure.

Then you have Emmanuelle Alt, who chooses personal style over trends and wins every time.

The current editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris has always been a fashion inspiration for me. I spent many years resolving that I would wear more colour or prints, only to end up buying more black or neutral coloured clothing. I’ve decided to accept that this is my personal style, and plan on taking my cue from Alt who shows that even when you stick to the basics, you can still look pretty amazing.

Her wardrobe consists of all black pants, white and grey shirts, black or navy blazers, black leather jackets, denim skinny jeans and of course, her towering black heels. Have a look at how she manages to look so effortlessly fashionable, while maintaining her personal sense of style and not following the latest trends.

Wear all black


Maybe add some grey, beige or white…


…and a leather jacket


Occasionally wear denim…


… or play it safe with a classic striped shirt.


For when you’re feeling adventurous, add a pop of red.


And remember, you can never go wrong with stockings and knee-high boots.


*featured image by Maciek Kobielski


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