8 ways to do Spring decor on a budget

Despite being a student sharing a home with other students and not being able to afford beautiful things for my temporary house, I have a habit of always picking up the latest catalogues every time I go to a home store.

It’s fun to look at the ways in which they style spaces and you can still get inspiration for your own home even if you don’t buy anything. Using the Mr Price Home and @home catalogues for Spring, I’ve put together some ideas on how you can make small changes to your home to reflect the new season that won’t cost you a fortune or require you to buy new furniture.

Nothing says Spring quite like fresh flowers! Instead of buying new accessories, fill your house with flowers in vibrant colours. Even a single flower in a glass will add life and colour to a space. And as this @Home catalogue shows, they can even be placed in your bathroom!

If you’re not a fan of colour, but still want to freshen up your space, consider pot plants. They do require more commitment (I’m not too sure I could look after one), but they’re great if you still want to stick to neutral decor like this Mr Price Home styled shelf. If you’re nervous about keeping pot plants alive, start out with succulents. They require almost no effort at all, which is great if like me you are a student and barely have time.



Add colour to existing accessories with some easy DIY. Paint items you already have, such as vases, ceramic ornaments and wire objects in bright shades for pops of colour as seen here.

And while you’re editing accessories, have a look at what’s on your shelves. By simply rearranging and changing what you display, you can create a whole new look. If you can, paint dark wood shelves white and display items that are functional and bright at the same time.

If you can’t change what’s on your shelves, you can change the shelves themselves with wrapping paper which costs way less than new furniture altogether. All you have to do is get paper in colours and patterns that you like and stick it to the back of your shelves like this on the left from Lisa Scheff Designs. You can also use patterned paper on tabletops, or use strips of colourful washi tape to decorate a table. I will probably doing a washi tape DIY later on as I love the stuff. If this seems a bit much, you can also just change one shelf like the Mr Price Home hexagon shelf below.

All these pretty colours and patterns are wasted in a dark space. Let the light in. If you can afford it, replace thick Winter curtains with a Summer alternative or remove curtains altogether (unless you live in spaces where you would need your privacy of course). Nothing gives a house a fresh airy feel like natural sunlight does and if you have lots of light coming in and a great view, make the most of it!

Now that the weather is slowly starting to get warmer, spend more time in your garden if you have one and have a few meals outside. You can coordinate your table accessories to the season with bold and quirky plates and cups like these from Mr Price Home. They’re great if you have a tight budget because outdoor eating means you can get away with plastic AND places such as Ackermans and Pep which are even cheaper also stock colourful plastic dinnerware.

And finally, if all this bright colour isn’t for you, look at how you integrate pattern and prints in a more subtle way, like with these Mr Price Home scatter cushions in a neutral living room.


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